The Redshift Tech Suite is a unique facility in London which provides our clients with a practical demonstration of 25 different media and content platforms, voice assistants, VR and AR devices and smart wearable glasses.

By exploring the practical attributes of each market player, it is possible to analyse the underlying commercial, consumer and strategy drivers of change, facing the media and telecoms industries.

The evolving dynamics between traditional and non-traditional content players, platforms and services demonstrated in the Tech Suite, will help inform strategic decisions for players across the industry


Hands-free smart speaker Amazon Echo, uses voice activated assistant Alexa for a range of functions, including music playback, providing information and making to-do lists

Apple TV can receive online video from a number of sources, such as iTunes, Netflix and Hulu, and stream it to a television set. It was developed with the goal of simplifying TV viewing and the navigation of video apps

Youview provides access to free-to-air digital terrestrial television channels and on demand services provided over a broadband internet connection through a ‘hybrid’ set top box

Google’s Chromecast is a media streaming device that lets users cast content from their mobile devices to their TV. Google rivals Amazon Echo with Google Home, its own voice controlled smart speaker powered by the Google assistant.

Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox One allows users to command their Xbox console and TV with their voice and gestures, play games where they are the controller and make HD Skype calls

Sky is a leading pay-TV provider and its latest set-top-box, Sky Q, offers fluid viewing of its content across a range of screens both inside and outside of the home

Sony’s flagship living offering is the video game console Playstation 4, that allows access to PlayStation Music and Video amongst other features including a bespoke VR headset

Sky’s skinny bundle offering, available on 60 devices, that allows customers to watch a selection of Sky TV content without a contract

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset designed for video gaming to offer customers a completely immersive gaming experience. Oculus is a Facebook company

EE TV is the first TV platform to launch a “Watch with Twitter” feature, letting viewers easily see shows trending on Twitter with their EE set top box to discover and watch these programmes

Freesat offers free-to-air television via satellite (analogous to Freeview on digital terrestrial television). Its Freetime box was one of the first set-top-boxes to offer on-demand services

Roku TV is an IPTV offering that allows viewers to stream free and paid-for content from top channels, such as Netflix, Hulu, Sky Sports and Youtube