World’s first smart street

June saw the launch of the world’s first ever ‘smart street’ at the entrance to Redshift’s London office. An urban renovation project, led by New West End Company, has seen Bird Street transformed into a sustainable urban oasis, playing host to pioneering brands in technology, food and fashion.

Innovative clean technologies have been incorporated into the space to provide consumers with a sustainable retail experience. Pavegen technology provides off-the-grid electricity to the street, harnessing the kinetic energy of human footfall through their customised flooring system, which also enables real-time data collection. Another exciting technology utilised in this space is Airlite’s purifying paint, whose technology is able to reduce air pollutants in the local environment by up to 89%. These innovative technologies incorporated within Bird Street’s architecture places Redshift at the very heart of smart tech development both here and in our projects worldwide where we are working on smart cars, smart cities and smart energy.

Medecins du Monde

Redshift supports Medecins du Monde (MDM) and our Director Janice Hughes is the President of MDM UK.  We run hundreds of projects all over the world. Our team helped the people of Gao in Mali with medical and food support when they were invaded from the north. Their homes and clinics were destroyed.


Space for Giants

As a Trustee of Space for Giants we help to protects Africa’s elephants from immediate threats like poaching while working to secure their habitats forever in landscapes facing greatly-increasing pressures.  We work directly in Kenya, Gabon, Uganda, and Botswana and across all African countries with declining numbers of large mammals. We use innovative, proven interventions […]


Charity Work

Giving back is central to Redshift’s ethos, and our employees are encouraged to engage in charitable projects within and outside the office through fundraising and volunteering.